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Photographer Wilson Johnson of Evergreen Photographic

About Evergreen:

My name is Wilson. I built Evergreen Photographic out of a passion for creating. I have been an artist and photographer for the better part of a decade, and have developed an affinity for creating beauty in unexpected ways. I love to use my background in fine art to capture powerful and creative portraits that reflect the unique personality of each of my clients. 

The Evergreen tree is a timeless symbol of constancy- standing tall and vibrant, season after season. Even in the coldest of winters, or the hardest of times, the Evergreen is a reminder to stay strong. Evergreen trees have a personal significance for me, as I grew up in the Evergreen forests of Northern Minnesota. As a current resident of Southern California, the Evergreen is a cherished reminder of home. 


Evergreen Photographic is dedicated to creating and capturing perennially timeless memories that will serve as everlasting reminders of the unique traits and cherished moments that make us who we are. 


Soft floral image

"Capturing perennially 

 timeless memories"

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